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<Almirante> Gonzalo Nicolás Ríos Polastri

General Commander

Almirante Gonzalo Nicolás Ríos Polastri

He was born on April 14, 1961 in Lima, Peru. He studied at the San Agustín College, after completing his studies, entered the Navy on February 28, 1977, graduating from the Naval School as Lieutenant of Fragata as of January 1, 1982.
He is qualified in Surface Warfare and in Electronics and Communications. He has taken courses in Naval Systems and Electronic Warfare in Holland, is a graduate of the Basic Course of General Staff and the Course of Command and Staff in the Naval War Superior School, as well as the Superior Course on Defense and Hemispheric Security of the Inter-American College Of Defense in Washington DC and of the Superior Course of National Development of Taiwan. He holds a Master's Degree in Defense and Hemispheric Security from the University of Salvador (Buenos Aires) and a Master's degree in Maritime Strategy from the Naval War Superior School.
As a junior and superior officer, during his on-board service, he was endowed repeatedly on board the naval units B.A.P. Villavicencio, B.A.P Almirante Grau, B.A.P. Montero in the areas of communications, Electronic Warfare and Operations. Also, exercise Command as Second Commander of B.A.P. Mariátegui and Commander of B.A.P. Palaces. Other operational services include its assignment to the Task Force of the Ucayali Region and the Naval Force of the Amazon.
In the technical and administrative field, he has served in the Modernization Commission of B.A.P. Grau, as well as held the positions of General Superintendent in the Marine-Electronics Industrial Service (SIMA-Electronics), Sub-Chief of Arms and Electronics Service, Chief of Operations Section of the General Command of the Navy, Head of The Operations Section, Plans and Policy of the General Staff of the Navy, the Plans Officer of the General Staff of the Inter-American Defense Board, the Chief of the BAP Commissioning Project Palacios, Head of Plans, Programs and Budget of the Directorate General of Material and Head of the Department of Supervision, Policy and Strategy of the General Staff of the Navy.
He is a graduate of the Business Administration Program of the School of Business Administration (ESAN), and is Naval Expert certified in Maneuver, Navigation, Helmet and Machines.
On January 1, 2008, the government granted him promotion to the rank of Rear Admiral in the position of Head of the Command and Control Division of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces, Director of Naval Enlistment, Assistant Attaché and Naval Attaché to the Embassy of Peru in France and Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Navy.
In December of 2013 the government confers him the rank of Vice Admiral and is named as Commander General of Operations of the Amazon and also as Joint Operational Commander of the Amazonia, after assuming the position of General Director of the Material of the Navy.
In June 2015, after being elected by member states, he assumes the position of President of the Council of Delegates of the Inter-American Defense Board, which exercises it until December 2016.
He is the bearer of the Orders Admiral Miguel Grau and Peruvian Cross to Naval Merit in Grand Cross Degree, the Star Award for Distinguished Services of the Armed Forces of El Salvador, Grand Cross of the Army of Nicaragua, Medal of Military Service of France, Medal Order of Naval Merit of Brazil in Grand Official Degree, "Distinguished Services to the National Navy" Medal of Colombia, Inter-American Defense Board Gold Medal, Medal of the International Federation of Leagues and Maritime and Naval Associations in the Silver category, Medal Of the National Association Pro Marina, Medal of Honor of the city of Callao, as well as diverse Distinctions of the Navy of Peru.
On December 26, 2016, by Supreme Resolution No. 509-2016-DE, the government confers the position of Commander General of the Navy.
He is married to Jubitza Luján Cebrecos and has three children: Andrea, Luis Gonzalo and Nicolás.